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Software Defined Perimeter

The Trinspired Software Defined Perimeter Service is a secure computing strategy that employs military grade reverse proxy technology to separate public networks from local and centralize and manage resources for authorized users through secure browsing.

Case Study

  • Do you need remote access to desktop and web based applications as well as computers in the office on any device, without installations and configurations of problematic softwares?
  • Or do you need access to office resources without making remote devices part of the corporate network, unlike VPN?

If your answer to the questions above is Yes, then the Software Defined Perimeter service by Trinspired Consult is what you’ve been searching for.

SDP Architecture

How it Works


All local resources to be granted access to selected or all users are linked to the access and compression manager, which then assigns resources to authorized users in the user management directory. The access manager then connects to the secure gateway, like personal firewall, which also communicates with public and internal firewalls and users.


Users are as a result empowered with the mobility and flexibility to securely access any applications or desktops or servers – from the widest variety of devices including Windows PCs, Mac, Linux, iPad/iPhone, Android, Google Chromebooks, etc.


All Windows & web-based applications and desktops (virtual & physical), running on-premises or in the Cloud are accessed by users through browsers. Unlike VPN, this doesn’t open the local network to the vulnerabilities of connected devices. Its secure, simple and faster.

Service Benefits

  • Secure connections on LAN and remotely. Connections between LAN devices are encrypted.
  • Compute with any device anywhere without any installations
  • Remote device doesn’t become part of local network
  • Rapid deployment of service and simplified troubleshooting
  • Increase in efficiency and productivity
  • Reduction in IT production cost
  • Increase access security with MFA integration
  • BYOD Enabler
Trinspired Niche

Service Niche

  • Implementation

    Simplified implementation without the need for endpoint installations
  • Security

    MFA integration and endpoint does not become part of local network
  • Device Computing

    Any device computing
  • Cost

    Reduces operational cost in terms of connectivity & resource maximization
  • Users

    Used by top government security organisations in the East & West
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