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Business Continuity

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Business Continuity

The Trinspired Business Continuity Strategy (3ibcp) is a strategy that integrates multiple technologies to ensures higher availability of data and systems by replicating live systems to multiple repositories and locations and seamlessly making them available for business continuity in case of disaster of any scale.

Case Study

Concerned about how to continue working in case of disasters such as flood, fire, personnel negligence, cyber attacks,, server crash or collapse of building?

3ibcp, from Trinspired Consult, is the perfectly engineered business continuity service for scenarios just like these.

BCP Architecture

How it Works


All critical servers and data in production (On-premise and/or Cloud based) are protected using next generation cybersecurity tools and encrypted with AES 256.


Data and Systems are replicated to multiple repositories and locations where all General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines are strictly adhered to.


In case of disaster, all servers are mounted or powered in a private cloud architecture and users can access their respective systems and data through a secure browser on any device to continue working. While working, all changes in data are added to the original copy of systems for failback purposes.

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Strategy Benefits

  • Enhanced cyber protection of environment
  • Seamless replication of data and systems while in use to multiple locations
  • Seamless failover in case of disaster without the need to invest in servers, connectivity, engineers configuration, VPN setups, etc.
  • Most Cost-effective strategy

Strategy difference

  • Endpoint Security – Replication agents also function as a complete set of next generation cybersecurity tools, far advanced than antivirus
  • Failover – User access to servers or applications through secure browser on any device. No VPN or Leased Line
  • Applications – Both web based and desktop applications (e.g. SAP, Dynamics, SunSystems, etc.) are all virtualized, compressed and accelerated for faster access through browsers.
  • Most Cost-effective strategy

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