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Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing Services at Trinspired Consult are comprehensive set of services designed to address specific user needs by provisioning computing resources for use on pay as you use/need basis. The services eliminates the need for higher capital as well as operational expenditure.

Case Study

  • Considering a complete infrastructure to host your systems so that there is no devices in your office?
  • Are you currently operating on-premise but considering migrating to the cloud?
  • Do you require a private cloud infrastructure with dedicated servers to host critical systems or you are an SME needing a simple virtual machine to host your applications?

If your answer to any of the questions above is Yes, then we have the cloud computing package needed to revolutionize your business.

Types of Services

Dedicated & Virtual Servers

Build your own high performance dedicated or virtual servers for your mission critical applications. Take advantage of bare metal computing and utlize the enormous resources to achieve more

You are promised excellent performance at a low cost

Domain Name Services

Buy a domain name of your choice and host with us to receive all the professional services and support at no extra cost.

Email Service

Sign up for Microsoft 365 email services and start using your email with additional data protection service which ensures replication of your encrypted emails to a GDPR compliant repository.

Backup Service

Backup anything from; from files, folders, desktop computers, smartphones, servers, Mac, Linux, website, databases and more. Recover to any destination of choice and work again.

Disaster Recovery

Sign up for our disaster recovery service and be assured of business continuity in case of disaster of any scale

Desktop as a Service

Sign up for our DaaS service and run all your desktop experience in the cloud on any device. Work on your Windows 11 Pro desktop in the cloud as though it is right on your tablet

Current Cloud computing centers


You can host with us at Azure if it is your preferred environment.


You can host with us at our Tier-IV GDPR compliant datacenters across the EU.

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Value Proposition

Pay only for the resources that you use, and so avoidCosts related with facilities, Heavy Capex on hardware / software and Necessity to be an expert in all ICT domains

Infrastructure is managed by world class IT professionals.

Mitigate risks that comes from ‘weak’ capacity planning. Continue working on any device anywhere

Ability to adjust computing power according to need, at any given time

Unique Features

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